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At Transcom we aim to be a one-stop shop in the marketplace for the application of wireless mobile data communications technology. Our application focus covers:

  • Advanced Telematics
  • Personal Safety
  • Asset & Fleet Management
  • Staff & Asset Security

We offer cost effective, leading edge technology-based solutions to enterprise problems in the above application areas. We can even help with personal problems, including Occupational Health and Safety. Where enterprises are concerned, our solutions are traditionally well-suited for just about any type of organisation such as courier, transport, infield service, security, mining, government agencies, institutions, universities and more.


 Our Company

Transcom Communications Systems Pty Limited (Transcom) was founded in 1985 as a research company, specializing in the development and manufacture of wireless technology. Currently, Transcom specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of wireless mobile enterprise systems (with integrated data and voice). There are 4 good reasons to consider our company rather than the alternatives:

  • Transcom has extensive expertise in radio networks, mobile data , GPS, Next G and other enabling technologies.
  • Transcom has a proven track-record of over twenty years of success in the marketplace.
  • Transcom has rigorous internal standards in place for quality-assurance across all business areas.
  • Transcom has a strong customer focus.

Our competitors still maintain heavy engineering overheads due to dealer and manufacturing commitments that restrict their flexibility. What's special about us at Transcom is our emphasis on both tailored client applications and total system solutions.

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 Products & Services

We make use of leading-edge products complemented with services that have a strong customer focus. Transcom has an extensive suite of products and services that can be engineered into a total system solution for our customers.

Our products involve leading-edge scaleable wireless mobile data technologies that include:

  • OEM integration of radio/network/software.
  • Mobile data hardware and software.
  • Vehicle tracking and positioning hardware and software.
  • Choice of enabling networks, including access to national and international services and tariffs.
  • OEM product integration e.g. data loggers, barcode scanning, printers, etc.

We use both off-the-shelf and customized components and sub-systems; and then integrate them into a cost-effective technology-based solution enabler for our customer's business problems.

The other side of our one-stop are the services on offer through Transcom. When you do business with us, you enter a commercial relationship that guides you through the whole process. Services on offer include:

  • System determination, design proposals and trusted quotations.
  • Project management and guidance.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Education & training.
  • Ongoing customer support.
  • Updates and upgrading of systems or re-development.

Our services are accepted as meeting a high industry standard. When our products and services are viewed as a whole, they constitute a total system solution to your business problems in the areas of asset, people and fleet management as well as security.

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 Business Opportunities

Transcom also offers a suite of business opportunities for interested parties. Currently, they include the following programs:

  • Resellers
  • Disposals (2nd-hand goods)
  • Intellectual Property (IP)

Transcom was founded over twenty years ago as a technology-based research company that specialized in wireless mobile communications; and, as a result, it maintains extensive patents for its technologies in numerous countries as well as a backlog of secondhand technologies.

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Whether you're an interested party, prospective client, established customer or partner we have the right person ready-and-willing to assist you or your organization. Please feel free to contact us. If in doubt, we recommend that you use the communication guidelines in the contacts section of this website. As market feedback is important to us, we welcome any feedback about our company or website.

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SECUREwatch H24/7 Personal Security, Safety & Asset Monitoring Central Monitoring Facility.

New MCG1000 Low Cost GPS Tracking Wireless Gateway.


Advanced Web AVL
Telematic Services
Fleet Management

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Central Monitoring Service
Personal & Asset Security

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